EnhancedDiscord is a modification for the Discord desktop app that allows you to load themes and plugins easily, quickly, and safely.
It comes with a theme loader, beautiful customizable theme with image background, and many plugins.
It also, by default, disables Discord's telemetry. This prevents Discord from collecting and potentially distributing data about what you're doing on Discord.
In addition, there is a built-in option to enable silent typing, so that you never appear as typing in any server.

EnhancedDiscord comes with a CSS loader, which can be used to load almost any theme. Here's an example of the default theme:
EnhancedDiscordTheme Screenshot
Several plugins are included with EnhancedDiscord, but there are many more available to install. A list of the preincluded plugins is below. For a full list of approved plugins, check out the plugins page. Coming soon™

Avatar Links
Adds "Copy Avatar URL" to the context menu for users, and "Copy Icon URL" to the context menu for guilds.
CSS Loader
Loads themes, as described in the previous section on this page. Also hot-reloads the file when it's changed.
ED Settings
Adds tabs to your user settings for easy configurations of plugins and their settings. Included as a plugin so it can easily be disabled.
Guild Count
Shows the number of servers you're in underneath your number of friends online.
Hidden Channels
Shows names and topics of channels in which you don't have permission to read messages.
Quick Save
Adds support for saving guild or channel settings with Ctrl+S.
Shut Up, Clyde (aka Silence)
Makes Clyde shut the fuck up about buying Nitro.
Tag All
Lets you tag (mention) channels and roles you normally can't.
More Info
For more information, including detailed installation instructions, bug tracking, and the source code, check out the GitHub repository.

Need help? Have questions? Check out the support server:
Discord server